Zamadunga Business Enterprise was founded in November 2003, by committed individual lady with an experience gained over the years in the following expertise: Our aim at Zamadunga Business Enterprise is to provide professional, innovative building construction and project management services to all our clients. We believe in providing a clear, simple and productive, but comprehensive gate way to a better future to all South Africans.


-- with crane and scaffolding


Zamadunga Business Enterprise provides the following services, but not limited to:

  1. General Building and Construction
  2. Refurbishment of buildings
  3. Formwork and Scaffoldings
  4. Retaining Structures
  5. Supervision and Monitoring of Construction Work


Tel No.: 031 701 5430/1
Fax No. : 086 519 5429
Email : info@zamadunga.co.za